The group brings together researchers investigating memory and attention from a cognitive, neuroscientific and/or computational perspective. The general research field of memory and attention is a strong focus within the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Individual groups investigate such diverse functions as episodic long-term memory, working memory, attention and its modulation by reward and emotion, and object recognition in artificial intelligence. We use a variety of cutting-edge methods including brain imaging, electrophysiology (including sleep monitoring), cellular and molecular approaches in humans and rodents, brain stimulation, and neural network modelling.  

Many of us conduct basic research, studying how our percepts and memories are expressed in human brain and behaviour. However, we also translate our research into applied and clinical contexts. Such contexts include object classification in autisum, memory in ageing populations, and intrusive memories in post-traumatic stress disorders. We believe that pooling our various areas of interest and expertise will open exciting new routes to research with a broad impact.

We thank these funders for supporting our research