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Federica meconi - postdoctoral researcher (marie-curie fellow)

research interest

My main research interest is in empathy towards others' pain. As part of my Marie-Curie project, I will be exploring how autobiographical memories are involved when we empathize with others' physical pain.


key publications

Meconi, F., Doro, M., Lomoriello, A., Mastrella, G., & Sessa, P. (2018). Neural measures of the role of affective prosody in empathy for pain. Scientific Reports8(1).

Meconi, F., Anderl-Straub, S., Raum, H., Landgrebe, M., Langguth, B., Bäuml, K., & Hanslmayr, S. (2016). Aberrant prefrontal beta oscillations predict episodic memory encoding deficits in schizophrenia. Neuroimage: Clinical12, 499-505.

Vaes, J., Meconi, F., Sessa, P., & Olechowski, M. (2016). Minimal humanity cues induce neural empathic reactions towards non-human entities. Neuropsychologia89, 132-140.

Sessa, P., & Meconi, F. (2015). Perceived trustworthiness shapes neural empathic responses toward others' pain. Neuropsychologia79, 97-105.

Meconi, F., Vaes, J., & Sessa, P. (2014). On the neglected role of stereotypes in empathy toward other-race pain. Social Neuroscience10(1), 1-6.

Sessa, P., Meconi, F., & Han, S. (2014). Double dissociation of neural responses supporting perceptual and cognitive components of social cognition: Evidence from processing of others' pain. Scientific Reports4(1).

Meconi, F., Luria, R., & Sessa, P. (2014). Individual differences in anxiety predict neural measures of visual working memory for untrustworthy faces. Social Cognitive And Affective Neuroscience9(12), 1872-1879.



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Episodic memory is "what" enables us to remember unique events such as whom we met at a particular place and time. Thus, events that occur only once per lifetime can be remembered forever. My interest is to understand how the brain accomplishes this extraordinary feat by combining experimental and theoretical techniques. I have turned to computer modelling to test hypotheses on how brain cells process and store episodic memories. To refine these models I look at the electric activity generated by single cells in human hippocampus while new memories are being created.



Hanslmayr, S., & Roux, F. (2017). Human Memory: Brain-State-Dependent Effects of Stimulation. Current Biology27(10), R385-R387.

Pratt, J., Dawson, N., Morris, B., Grent-'t-Jong, T., Roux, F., & Uhlhaas, P. (2017). Thalamo-cortical communication, glutamatergic neurotransmission and neural oscillations: A unique window into the origins of ScZ?. Schizophrenia Research180, 4-12.

Roux, F., Armstrong, B., & Carreiras, M. (2016). Chronset: An automated tool for detecting speech onset. Behavior Research Methods49(5), 1864-1881.

Klein, D., Rotarska-Jagiela, A., Genc, E., Sritharan, S., Mohr, H., & Roux, F. et al. (2014). Adolescent Brain Maturation and Cortical Folding: Evidence for Reductions in Gyrification. Plos ONE9(1), e84914.

Roux, F., & Uhlhaas, P. (2014). Working memory and neural oscillations: alpha–gamma versus theta–gamma codes for distinct WM information?. Trends In Cognitive Sciences18(1), 16-25.

Roux, F., Wibral, M., Singer, W., Aru, J., & Uhlhaas, P. (2013). The Phase of Thalamic Alpha Activity Modulates Cortical Gamma-Band Activity: Evidence from Resting-State MEG Recordings. Journal Of Neuroscience33(45), 17827-17835.

Uhlhaas, P., Roux, F., & Singer, W. (2013). Thalamocortical Synchronization and Cognition: Implications for Schizophrenia?. Neuron77(6), 997-999.

Roux, F., Wibral, M., Mohr, H., Singer, W., & Uhlhaas, P. (2012). Gamma-Band Activity in Human Prefrontal Cortex Codes for the Number of Relevant Items Maintained in Working Memory. Journal Of Neuroscience32(36), 12411-12420.

Uhlhaas, P., Roux, F., Rodriguez, E., Rotarska-Jagiela, A., & Singer, W. (2010). Neural synchrony and the development of cortical networks. Trends In Cognitive Sciences14(2), 72-80.

Uhlhaas, P., Roux, F., Singer, W., Haenschel, C., Sireteanu, R., & Rodriguez, E. (2009). The development of neural synchrony reflects late maturation and restructuring of functional networks in humans. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences106(24), 9866-9871.



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sebastian michelmann - Phd student

research INTEREST

Sebastian is interested in the temporal dynamics of neural oscillations that are involved in episodic memory. His PhD project mainly focuses on the use of multivariate similarity measures to find temporal signatures of memory, namely to find correlates of learned content during its retrieval from memory. He therefore records and analyses EEG, MEG and iEEG data.


key publications

Andreatta, M., Michelmann, S., Pauli, P., & Hewig, J. (2017). Learning processes underlying avoidance of negative outcomes. Psychophysiology54(4), 578-590.

Staresina, B., Michelmann, S., Bonnefond, M., Jensen, O., Axmacher, N., & Fell, J. (2016). Hippocampal pattern completion is linked to gamma power increases and alpha power decreases during recollection. Elife5.

Michelmann, S., Bowman, H., & Hanslmayr, S. (2016). The Temporal Signature of Memories: Identification of a General Mechanism for Dynamic Memory Replay in Humans. PLOS Biology14(8), e1002528.


conference contributions

Michelmann, S., Bowman H., & Hanslmayr, S. (2016, July). The temporal signature of dynamic memories. Talk presented at ICOM-6 6th International Conference on Memory, Budapest,  Hungary.

Michelmann, S., Bowman H., & Hanslmayr, S. (2016, July). The temporal signature of dynamic memories. Talk presented at 2nd EEG Research Methodology Meeting, London, UK.

Michelmann, S., Bowman H., & Hanslmayr, S. (2015, June). Phase coding of content during reinstatement of dynamic memory trajectories in the visual and auditory domain. Poster presented at ESI Systems Neuroscience Conference (ESISyNC), Frankfurt, Germany.

Michelmann, S., Bowman H., & Hanslmayr, S. (2015, May). Reinstatement of dynamic memory trajectories in the visual and auditory domain – Towards a mental chronometry of memory replay. Conference abstract for the 2015 Context and Episodic Memory Symposium (CEMS), Philadelphia, PA.



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benjamin james griffiths - PHD STUDENT

research INTEREST

Ben’s current research focuses on the role of alpha and beta desynchronisation in episodic memory formation and retrieval. In an ongoing simultaneous EEG-fMRI project, he is examining the relationship between oscillatory desynchronisation and the BOLD correlates of memory reinstatement. Meanwhile, his work with epilepsy patients is examining the interaction between neocortical low-frequency desynchronisation and hippocampal theta-gamma synchronisation during episodic memory formation.



Griffiths, B., & Beierholm, U. (2017). Opposing effects of reward and punishment on human vigor. Scientific Reports7, 42287.

Griffiths, B., Mazaheri, A., Debener, S., & Hanslmayr, S. (2016). Brain oscillations track the formation of episodic memories in the real world. Neuroimage143, 256-266.

 McKeown, D., Holt, J., Delvenne, J., Smith, A., & Griffiths, B. (2014). Active versus passive maintenance of visual nonverbal memory. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review21(4), 1041-1047.


conference contributions

Griffiths, B., Michelmann, S., Staresina, B., Wimber, M., Chelvarajah, R., Rollings, D., Sawlani, V., Hamer, H., Gollwitzer, S., Kreiselmeyer, G., Hanslmayr S. (2017). Poster presentation. British Neuroscience Association. Birmingham, UK.

Griffiths, B., Michelmann, S., Staresina, B., Wimber, M., Chelvarajah, R., Rollings, D., Sawlani, V., Hamer, H., Gollwitzer, S., Kreiselmeyer, G., Hanslmayr S. (2017). Poster presentation. Event Representations in Episodic and Semantic Memory Workshop. York, UK.

Griffiths, B., Michelmann, S., Staresina, B., Wimber, M., Chelvarajah, R., Rollings, D., Sawlani, V., Hamer, H., Gollwitzer, S., Kreiselmeyer, G., Hanslmayr S. (2016). Poster presentation. Society for Neuroscience. San Diego, USA.

Griffiths, B., Mazaheri, A., Debener, S., & Hanslmayr, S. (2016). Oral presentation. 6th International Conference on Memory. Budapest, Hungary.

Griffiths, B., & Hanslmayr, S. (2015). Poster presentation. Context and Episodic Memory Symposium. Philadelphia, USA.

Griffiths, B., & Beierholm, U. (2015). Poster presentation. Integrated Systems Neuroscience Workshop. Manchester, UK.



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Mircea Van Der Plas - PhD Student

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