New paper accepted in Current Biology

Oehrn, C.R., Fell, J., Baumann, C., Rosburg, T., Ludowig, E., Kessler, H., Hanslmayr, S., Axmacher, N. (2018) Direct electrophysiological evidence for prefrontal control of hippocampal processing during voluntary forgetting. Current Biology. (accepted)

New paper accepted in The Journal of Neuroscience Methods

Michelmann, S., Treder, M.S., Griffiths, B.J., Kerrén, C., Roux, F., Wimber, M., Rollings, D., Sawlani, V., Chelvarajah, R., Gollwitzer, S., Kreiselmeyer, G., Hamer, H., Bowman, H., Staresina, B., Hanslmayr, S. (2018) Data-driven re-referencing of intracranial EEG based on independent component analysis (ICA). J Neurosci Meth. accepted.

Chen Qiaoyu has won a fully funded PhD Scholarship

Congratulations to Chen Qiaoyu for winning a prestigious fully funded PhD Scholarship from the Chinese Government to study the role of gamma oscillations in episodic memory formation. Chen Qiaoyu will be joining Dr Hanslmayr’s team in autumn 2018.

Emmanuel Biau has won a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship

Congratulations for Emmanuel Biau who has won a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship (250k GBP) to study the interaction between episodic memory formation, speech and theta oscillations. He will be joining the Memory Birmingham Group in autumn 2018.