Dr Fede Meconi awarded ESRC Grant

Big congrats to Fede Meconi who has been awarded an ESRC New Investigator Grant! Fede will be investigating the interaction between empathy and memory.

New paper accepted in Scientific Reports

The neural dynamics of deficient memory control in heavily traumatized refugees" by Gerd Waldhauser, Martin Dahl, Martina Ruf-Leuschner, Veronika Müller-Bamouh, Maggie Schauer, Nikolai Axmacher, Thomas Elbert, and Simon Hanslmayr.

New paper accepted in Current Biology

Oehrn, C.R., Fell, J., Baumann, C., Rosburg, T., Ludowig, E., Kessler, H., Hanslmayr, S., Axmacher, N. (2018) Direct electrophysiological evidence for prefrontal control of hippocampal processing during voluntary forgetting. Current Biology. (accepted)

New paper accepted in The Journal of Neuroscience Methods

Michelmann, S., Treder, M.S., Griffiths, B.J., Kerrén, C., Roux, F., Wimber, M., Rollings, D., Sawlani, V., Chelvarajah, R., Gollwitzer, S., Kreiselmeyer, G., Hamer, H., Bowman, H., Staresina, B., Hanslmayr, S. (2018) Data-driven re-referencing of intracranial EEG based on independent component analysis (ICA). J Neurosci Meth. accepted. doi.org/10.1101/150045